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Some stories don't make headlines, but they do make news. Augusta Chronicle columnist Sylvia Cooper shares every Sunday some of the things she's heard on the politics, pitfalls and possibilities of life in our town.

Latest Column

Case of the open safe is a simple one to crack
Web-posted 01/24/10
A funny thing happened last weekend at the Marble Palace.

Previous Columns

Sports comparisons rally to rescue administrator
Web-posted 01/17/10
I dropped by City Administrator Fred Russell's office last week to see how he was holding up with so many people blaming him for things they should be blaming the commissioners for, such as the $93,750 buyout of General Counsel Chiquita Johnson.
Commissioners enjoy dinner and a meeting
Web-posted 01/10/10
Before the swearing-in of new Augusta commissioners on Tuesday, five men from the Augusta Transition Center, aptly named Men in Transition, sang The Storm Is Passing Over , which everybody thought was a most excellent choice. But the thunder and lightning weren't quite over, and still aren't in fact.
City awaits Russell 's words on Johnson
Web-posted 01/03/10
The new year for Augusta Commission business will begin Tuesday with a prayer, a pledge, the election of a mayor pro tem and standing committee appointments.
Never-ending election season to usher in new year
Web-posted 12/27/09
Elections rounded out 2009 in Augusta, and 2010 will begin with another, as voters go to the polls Jan. 5 to fill the vacant District 22 state Senate seat with either a Libertarian or one of three Democrats.
Mrs. Georgia finalists wrote timeless recipes
Web-posted 12/20/09
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and time to take a break from politics where you often hear, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."
2009 has been a banner year for bad ideas
Web-posted 12/13/09
Many bad ideas have come our way this year -- Gov. Mark Sanford not hiking the Appalachian Trail, Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson supporting pro-Atlanta Gas Light legislation and Gov. Sonny Perdue rescinding the state tax credit on county property-tax bills. And everyone has paid for them one way or another.
Santa needs big sleigh for politicians' gifts
Web-posted 12/06/09
Santa came a little early this year for Matt Aitken , bringing him the votes to win the District 1 Augusta Commission seat. It was sort of like the Miracle on 34th Street when the votes came in from the Julian Smith Casino precincts and wrapped up the victory for him. Actually, it was more like the Miracle on Reynolds Street, if you get my drift. And his stunning victory, no doubt, left defeated candidate William Fennoy dreaming of a white Christmas.
Next time ministers get outraged, invite IRS to the party
Web-posted 11/29/09
A group of ministers and elected officials, led by the Augusta Baptist Ministers Conference and other advocates for District 1 Augusta Commission candidate William Fennoy, tried to get black voters all fired up about the upcoming runoff between Mr. Fennoy and white candidate Matt Aitken by calling a news conference at the Marble Palace last week.
There are plenty of Turkey awards to hand out
Web-posted 11/22/09
Thanksgiving will be upon us, dripping in fat and calories, in just a few days, so it's time to hand out the 2009 Turkey of the Year awards to the lucky folks who have earned them with bird-brained carryings-on this year.
Battle over sewage starts to get a little dirty
Web-posted 11/15/09
You might think it's amazing that some big companies are competing for something you flush down your toilet every day.
Merry's T-shirts get him nowhere
Web-posted 11/08/09
The topic of the week is money and how your local government and school system plan to pick your pocket again one way or another.
Here's a vote to streamline political promises
Web-posted 11/01/09
Well, I guess it's sort of my duty to write about Tuesday's election, although I'm just about sick of it, even though it might be the most important thing that happens in Augusta this year.

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