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3:16 PM EST
Bush (i) 58,878,565 274
Kerry 55,310,082 252
Nader 394,070 0
Badnarik 377,081 0
Peroutka 129,592 0
Cobb 105,233 0

Bush outlines agenda
A minority president no more, President Bush sketched a second-term agenda Thursday that includes fighting the worldwide war on terror while seeking tax and Social Security reform.
1:05 PM EST


Burns concedes
John Barrow greets supporters in Athens, Ga., as the election returns come in. His opponent U.S. Rep. Max Burns conceded defeat Wednesday in his bid for a second term in Congress.

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  • U.S. Senate - Ga. - Johnny Isakson (R)
  • U.S. House (12th CD) - John Barrow (D)
  • U.S. House (9th CD) - Charlie Norwood (R)

    Record turnout
    Richmond County Board of Elections workers faced a record 79 percent turnout Tuesday night but managed to wade through the onslaught of voters without a hitch. Columbia County also saw a record turnout, with 82 percent.
    Coattails help DeMint
    In the end, South Carolina's Republican-friendly political demographics were too much for Democrat Inez Tenenbaum to overcome and far stronger than Republican Jim DeMint's fumble-prone campaign, political professionals said Wednesday

    Lengthy lines greet some voters
    An influx of newly registered voters and intense interest in this year's presidential race led to fears of long lines on Election Day. Lines were long in the morning but eased by mid-morning in most polling places. Lines were long in the morning but eased by mid-morning in most polling places. But heavy turnout in Edgefield and Aiken counties contributed to a long wait at the polls.

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     • Gay Marriage Referendum
     • Judge, Court of Appeals
     • State Senate - 22nd District
     • State Senate - 23rd District
     • State Senate - 24th District
     • U.S. Senate
     • SPLOST

    - - Complete list - -

    Aiken County - S.C.
     • B.O.E. District 1
     • B.O.E. District 8
     • B.O.E. District 9
     • County Coroner

    Edgefield County - S.C.
     • B.O.E. District 3
     • B.O.E. District 4
     • B.O.E. District 6

     •  GA: Officials talk education
     •  SC: Hopefuls offer ideas at forum

    War in Iraq:
     •  GA: Hopefuls focus on war in Iraq

    Gay Marriage referendum:
     •  GA: Lawyers argue over gay marriage referendum
     •  GA: Gay marriage ban dominates debate
     •  GA: Ruling could shake up courts, Capitol

    Sample Ballots: (pdf)
     •  Richmond County
     •  Columbia County

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    Audio Voting (.mp3)
     •  Options for disabled voters
     linkicon_audio.gif  Audio Instructions
     linkicon_audio.gif  Amendments & SPLOST

    Voting Locations:
     •  Richmond County
     •  Aiken County
     •  Ga. Locations
     •  S.C. Locations

    Election Offices:
     •  Georgia Elections Division
     •  S.C. Election Office

     •  Machine Slideshow
     •  Instructions (pdf)

    Advanced Voting:
     •  Ga. advanced voting

    Voting Equipment:
     • Voting methods
     • Voting systems by state

     •  A great time at the post office
     •  Official has other ideas for money
     •  Mays might be deep in arena mess
     •  A second look at The Great Debate
     •  Our thoughts on senator's comments
     •  Hephzibah loves a nonpolitical parade
     •  Walker won't be kept from Senate seat

    Staff writer Sylvia Cooper shares some of the things she's heard on the politics, pitfalls and the possibilities of life in our town.

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      From the Chronicle Editorial Staff

     •  Yes to Aiken sales tax (11/01/04)
     •  Jones for solicitor general (10/30/04)
     •  Grove, Bridges for BOE (10/30/04)
     •  Isakson for U.S. Senate (10/29/04)
     •  DeLoach for state House (10/28/04)
     •  Re-elect Henry Howard (10/28/04)
     •  Norwood for District 9 (10/27/04)
     •  Burns for Congress (10/26/04)
     •  Bernes for appeals court (10/26/04)
     •  Bush for president (10/25/04)
     •  Fighting condescension (10/22/04)
     •  The draft scare (10/20/04)

      Letters from Our Readers

     •  Unhappy voters must defeat SPLOST
     •  If you want security, vote for Bush
     •  Vote for the right man: John Kerry
     •  Incumbents must leave our BOE
     •  Get a new sheriff in Edgefield
     •  Kerry's October surprise failed

    - - More Opinions - -

      From the Desk of Rick McKee

    click on cartoon for larger image

    - - More Cartoons - -

     •  President: George W. Bush
     •  Georgia U.S. Senate: Johnny Isakson
     •  Ga. State Senate - 22nd District : Don Cheeks
     •  Ga. State Senate - 23rd District : Randy Hall
     •  Ga. State Senate - 24th District : Jim Whitehead
     •  Ga. Congress - 12th District: Max Burns
     •  Ga. State House - District 121: Henry Howard
     •  Ga. State House - District 123: George DeLoach
     •  Ga. Court of Appeals: Debra Bernes
     •  Ga. House - 9th District: Charlie Norwood
     •  South Carolina Senate: Jim DeMint
     •  Richmond County Solicitor: Harold V. Jones II
     •  Columbia County BOE District 2: Wayne Bridges
     •  Columbia County BOE District 5: LouAnne Grove
     •  Constitutional Amendments: Yes
     •  Aiken County Sales Tax: Yes

      Latest A.P. News

     •  Despite Cruz, Senate heads toward Obamacare vote
     •  Analysis: Republicans in a risky fight with Obama
     •  Premiums unveiled for health overhaul plans
     •  Obama, Rouhani back resumption of nuclear talks

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      Latest News

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      Flash Animations

     • Run for the White House
     • Elections made easy
     • Electoral College
     • Role of Third Parties
     • First Ladies
     • Senate Control
     • Population 65 and older by state
     • Black voting patterns
     • Population projections through 2005
     • Voting equipment
     • Voting equipment by state

      Linking Out

     •  Congress.org - Write to Congress, the President and state legislators. Also see votes, bills and more.

     •  SC State Election Commision - The State Election Commission is charged with the responsibility for operation of the State's system of voter registration.

     •  GA Elections Division - Works to ensure fair elections and facilitates statewide voter registration in accordance with state laws.

     •  Federal Election Commission - Interested in who is spending waht in this year's election. Check the FEC database for campaign finance reports.

     •  Ben's Guide to U.S. Government - Elections aren't just for adults. Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids on GPO Access provides a basic introduction to the Federal Government.