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Small portions
Web-posted 01/27/10
Send information on your food or beverage-related event to ryan.wehmeyer@augustachronicle.com.
Super Bowl calls for super nachos. Pile it on!
Web-posted 01/27/10
If you're going to do nachos for the Super Bowl, they'd better live up to the hype of the big event. And so we give you a platter of double-layered nachos that combine ground beef and black beans with heaps of tomato, cheese, scallions, olives and jalapenos.
Want to feed a Super Bowl crowd fast? Think subs
Web-posted 01/27/10
If you're looking to feed a Super Bowl crowd fast and cheap, giant subs are the way to go. Depending on how much other food you plan to serve, one 24-inch sub can make as many as 12 servings. And it takes just minutes to assemble.
These cupcakes are not to die for
Web-posted 01/20/10
It's not unusual for a cupcake recipe to include a cup or more of butter -- and that's before you even start making the frosting. With a couple of tweaks, however, you can make a cupcake that's a bit lighter and better for your body.
If you feel like a nut, bake chocolate treats
Web-posted 01/20/10
If you sometimes feel like a nut, this might be the cupcake for you. Inspired by the Almond Joy candy bar, these cupcakes feature a rich chocolate cake filled with sticky coconut topped with a luscious milk chocolate ganache and almonds.
Forget frying when baking these beauties
Web-posted 01/20/10
If you're not ready to brave the deep fryer for a do-it-yourself doughnut, try these simple baked chocolate doughnuts. They take the hot oil out of the equation, and after you slather them with chocolate glaze, you'll never know you skipped the frying.
Vineyard offers red, white, green
Web-posted 01/20/10
ANGWIN, Calif. --- John Conover was looking for the best place to grow the Napa Valley's famous cabernet sauvignon grapes. It turns out that the same southwest-facing, sunny hillside that gives him great grapes also raises a mean crop of solar panels.
Enjoy winter greens
Web-posted 01/17/10
This time of year, chef Heinz Sowinski said, greens are the kitchen go-to.
Keeping shrimp in freezer gives you options at supper
Web-posted 01/13/10
Frozen shelled and deveined shrimp are a weeknight cook's dream. They are delicious, versatile, can be kept for months and -- most important -- can be on the table in no time.
Cashews help create thick, dark curry
Web-posted 01/13/10
This thick, nutty curry from Camellia Punjabi's cookbook 50 Great Curries of India is made from ground spices and cashews.
Chutney adds zest to ordinary dishes
Web-posted 01/06/10
With its sweet-and-sour, fruity and spicy flavors, chutney can be a challenging condiment to use beyond Indian cuisine, but those same flavors can turn ordinary meals into culinary wows.
Cheese platter needs to offer a tasty variety
Web-posted 12/30/09
Amid the canapes and delicate phyllo fingers that hosts feel obligated to conjure during the holidays, a cheese platter might seem like a cop-out. After all, you didn't make it.
Winemakers acting to meet demand for bargain bubbly
Web-posted 12/30/09
NAPA, Calif. --- Stock market and real estate bubbles have deflated, but consumers still are looking for the frisson of fizz in their glasses -- but not the expensive stuff.

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