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Alleluia Community School

Web posted Sunday, May 15, 2005

Maria Cleveland
Maria Cleveland
Parents: Melynda Cleveland
Future Plans: Attend Georgia Institute of Technology and major in biology

Timothy Acosta
Anthony Almeter*
Alex Alzheimer*
Margaret Barbay
Charles Chiappetto*
Maria Cleveland***
Megan Davis
Erin Edmondson
Anna Firmin
Robert Finnegan*
Robert Funsch II*
David Garrett
Mary Kate McAdams
Mary Kate McAdams
Parents: Mr.& Mrs. Jack McAdams
Future Plans: Attend Mercer University and major in political science

Thomas Gordon
Michael Hoyt
David Johnson*
Kelly Martin
Mary Kate McAdams**
Nathan Napier
Lindsey Painter*
Kolbe Seklecki
Samuel Valiquette
Benjamin Veihman
Luke Wilby
Summer Wilby*

--From the Sunday, May 15, 2005 printed edition of the Augusta Chronicle

photo: comunity

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