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Augusta Preparatory Day School

Web posted Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mr. Abate's and Miss Lynn's grade point averages are so close that the school will not be able to determine who is the valedictorian until the end of the school year.
Top Senior
Alexander Abate
Alexander Abate
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Abate
Future Plans: Attend Dartmouth College

Alexander N. Abate*
Abigail R. Alexander*
Adrian M. Ash*
R. Katelynn S. Bell*
Thomas P. Bell
Lindsey E. Bigham*
Diana B. Burgreen*
Bradley A. Cameron*
Cynthia Y. Chiu*
Aaron R. Crais
Rachael Y. Cropper
Gail M. Filpus-Luyckx*
Katelyn B. Gibbs
Martha C. Gibson*
Rachael E. Hamilton*
Alexandra C. Haskell
Tiffany N. Hedrick
James W. Howard
Robert T. Huggins
Caroline N. Hull*
Jenna L. Johnson
Abigail E. Jones*
John T. Kenney
Top Senior
Mary Hannah Lynn
Mary Hannah Lynn
Parents: Dr. and Mrs. Billy Lynn
Future Plans: Attend New York University

Cameron A. King*
David J. Knerr
Ryan E. Kuhar
Roman E. Laterza*
Clinton R. Luckey
Mary H. Lynn*
Connor J. Mahoney
Christine A. Motzkus*
Alexander W. Murphey*
Peter J. Newlin
Parker D. Odom
Cole R. Portney
Benjamin C. Prescott
Mary D. Reid*
Maria E. Reynolds*
Ariel F. Rose
Mary M. Sadler
Shiv K. Sharma*
Neil R. Shine
Robert I. Sussman*
Jason E. Trefz
Taylor P. Unger
Elizabeth A. Walker
Gary M. Whitford

--From the Sunday, May 15, 2005 printed edition of the Augusta Chronicle

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