Probationers take drug-test cheating to the limit
By Kerry Drennan| Morris News Service
Tuesday, October 07, 2003

LUBBOCK, Texas -- Officials at the county's Adult Probation Office know a probationer, with his freedom on the line, will go to great lengths to pass a court-ordered drug test.

But the newest craze in beating the system has even the pros shaking their heads.

"I'd say the Whizzinator is one of the strangest things I've ever seen," said Farrell Martin, probation court coordinator.

during the past three to four months, probation officials have confiscated six prosthetic penis devices, called Whizzinators, which are connected to plastic bags of drug-free urine.

Whizzinators are sold online to help men pass urinalysis drug tests. The first confiscated in Lubbock was a plastic tube attached to the body that led to a bag of urine taped to a man's abdomen, Martin said.

But the devices are evolving, becoming more sophisticated and realistic.

Last week, probation employees discovered a flesh-colored appendage hooked to a bag of urine. The urine was warmed by a heating element so that the urine sample would be at almost body temperature, Martin said.

Interim assistant director Tom Madigan said the officer overseeing the test became suspicious when he heard the man tap what was supposed to be a natural body part against the rim of a cup.

"It shouldn't go 'clink,' " Madigan said.

The devices are sold by a California company called Puck Technologies. The basic Whizzinator sells for $150. Heating packs and dehydrated urine can be purchased for an additional charge.

Testimonials listed on the company's Web site claim the devices are subtle and easy to use.

"I have a great-paying job thanks to the Whizzinator. It's the absolute best. I have used others and they just don't compare. The texture was great," wrote one man from Pennsylvania.

"I have to test while being observed, and not only was it undetectable, but I passed with flying colors. This product is AMAZING!! Thanks again!!" wrote another guy from Virginia. Madigan disputes those claims.

"If one's paying attention and ensuring the procedures for (urinalysis) are being complied with, they should notice (the device)," he said.

A representative from Puck Technologies said it is not illegal for the company to produce Whizzinators in California or ship them to Texas.

Under Texas law, it's a Class A misdemeanor to sell or manufacture devices for falsifying drug tests. It's a Class B misdemeanor to attempt to fake the results of a drug test.

Madigan said men caught with the device risk not only revocation of their probation but additional charges as well.

One man already has been sent back to prison after being caught with the device, and cases against five others are pending, Martin said.

From the Tuesday, October 07, 2003 edition of the Augusta Chronicle


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