Police Bookings
From Staff
Sunday, June 22, 2008

These are the bookings for the Aiken County Detention Center for May 7-16. Those charged are innocent until proved guilty.

May 7

Ericka Keandra Young , 25, giving false information to public safety officer

Darrell Gene Eubanks , 39, shoplifting

Clementine Berrian , 38, fraudulent check

Jared Arthur Monts , 49, shoplifting

Alex Gilchrist , 20, giving false information to public safety officer

Aishah Dexandra Washington , 17, shoplifting, giving false information to public safety officer

May 8

Kelvin Angelo Dunbar , 46, assault and battery

Michelle Dawn Fabris , 35, driving under suspension, driving under the influence more than the first offense, leaving scene of accident

Andrew Wayne Williams , 34, driving with unlawful alcohol content

Jamar Nicholas White , 23, giving false information to public safety officer, possession of crack cocaine

Christopher Allen Brown , 20, simple possession of marijuana

Richard Brannen Bennett , 22, driving under the influence, driving under suspension, open container

Steven James Lee , 21, operating uninsured vehicle, driving under suspension

Jermaine Antonio Goddard , 22, burglary

Henry James Hamilton , 27, unlawful use of telephone

Timothy O'Neal James , 43, driving under suspension, loud music, resisting arrest, no proof of insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container

Angelo Hatcher , 20, burglary

Demont Robert Williams , 27, two counts of probation violation

Laura Stacy Wilson , 38, disorderly conduct, malicious injury to real property

Jeremy Desean Johnson , 20, burglary

Lloyd Brunson Willing , 78, littering

Andre Donnell Gantt , 22, habitual offender, two counts of hit and run, driving under suspension

Angela Dawn Mathis , 34, simple larceny, open container, driving under suspension, failure to stop for blue lights

Frankie Joe Pardue , 31, criminal domestic violence

Derrick Quvares Thomas , 21, driving under suspension, speeding

May 9

Tony Perry , 45, assault and battery, failure to appear and pay

Jared Brian James , 20, criminal domestic violence

Brad Dawson Powell , 24, possession of controlled substance, driving under the influence

Brad Allen , 39, possession of drug paraphernalia

Bradley Weston Ellis , 24, disorderly conduct

Shaun Patrick O'Hara , 26, simple possession of marijuana, driving under suspension, giving false information to officer

Brandy Joe Adams , 31, forgery

Roman Gabriel Taylor , 39, assault and battery, failure to appear and pay

Kalisha Irene Trowell , 26, driving under the influence

Nathan Andrew Griffin , 22, trespassing to fish

Robert Lee Hamm Jr ., 39, disorderly conduct

Mary Nicole Strickland , 26, failure to appear and pay

Candice Nicole Tice , 28, open container, possession of drug paraphernalia

Kevin Maurice Benjamin , 27, disorderly conduct

Larry Morris Green , 33, obtaining goods by false pretense

Shawn Christopher Lowman , 36, conspiring to manufacture methamphetamine

George Edward Sullivan , 38, two counts of burglary

Michael Craig Bellamy , 17, breaking into motor vehicle

Brandon Mitchell Stapleton , 27, careless driving, seat belt violation, driving under suspension

Dana Shanta White , 21, contempt of court

Nellie Ruth Stephens , 56, assault and battery

Bobby Lee Jones , 43, burglary

May 10

Joseph Eric Rowe , 24, carjacking, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, two counts of financial transaction card theft, strong-arm robbery

Kevin Wayne Miles , 21, public drunk

Robert Wayne Miles Jr. , 45, public drunk

Benjamin Austin Kersey , 19, possession of cocaine, possession of Ecstasy

David Lewis Kneece , 44, assault and battery

Dennis Robert Jones , 56, driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Derek Durell Thomas , 22, possession of Ecstasy, driving under suspension, loud noise, open container

Donald Vincent Lewis , 52, disorderly conduct, assault and battery

Victoria Diaz Lopez , 49, no driver's license, driving under the influence

Jackson Dossett III , 37, criminal domestic violence

Marvin Robert Ennis , 63, disorderly conduct

Raheem Trumaine Jenkins , 19, accessory to armed robbery

William Glenn Beck , 41, kidnapping, burglary, assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature

Betty Elizabeth Vaughn , 42, shoplifting less than $1,000

Donald Paige , 55, trespassing, disorderly conduct

Anthony Lee Watson , 32, shoplifting

Lauren Price Boykin , 32, driving under the influence, hit and run unattended

May 11

Sam Richard Jones Jr. , 36, assault and battery

Alfred Gene Good , 46, assault and battery

Brandi Alicia Cox , 19, false information, accessory after the fact

Joshua Craig Carver , 17, burglary, possession of drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana

Willie James Perkins , 39, no proof of insurance, driving under the influence

Maury Duval Bing , 25, two counts of failure to pay in family court

George Kevis Tillman , 29, open container, driving under suspension

Gary Antonio Robinson , 26, possession of a pistol by a felon, brown bagging, shoplifting, unlawful possession of a pistol, possession of stolen pistol

Santiago Ventura Julian , 17, driving under the influence, no South Carolina driver's license

Fernando Gonzalez Perez , 22, public drunk

Marion Dontrease Shuler , 20, criminal domestic violence

William Edward Parker Jr. , 26, assault and battery

Peralta Leon Hugo , 51, disorderly conduct

Dana Nichole Richardson , 35, six counts of fraudulent check

Kimberly Jean Markwalter , 34, assault and battery, disorderly conduct

May 12

Richard John Dey , 37, criminal domestic violence

Michael Vaughn , 43, improper passing in work zone, driving under suspension

Clemson Lonzo Ennis Jr. , 39, simple larceny

Elvis Davenport , 36, failure to appear and pay in family court, resisting arrest, petit larceny

Stephanie Annette Owens , 37, two counts of forgery less than $5,000, two counts of financial transaction card fraud, failure to stop for blue lights, forgery less than $5,000

Annettia Nekita Kirkland , 21, driving under suspension, no vehicle license, operating uninsured vehicle, careless driving

David Nathaniel Rhodes , 46, first-degree burglary

Angel Lanear Gaines , 37, trespassing

May 13

John Christopher Flicek , 42, driving under suspension

Mike Tyrel Salley , 18, trespassing, disorderly conduct

Stephanie Jean Rose , 22, shoplifting

Willie Lee Brown , 59, simple possession of marijuana, petit larceny

Stephanie Sherlett Williams , 49, possession of drug paraphernalia

Mattie Bell Goodwin , 57, possession of drug paraphernalia

Herman Kinchen Jr. , 40, simple possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct

William Rodney Kneece , 44, failure to appear and pay in family court

Douglas James Mayes Jr. , 21, possession of cocaine, failure to stop for blue lights, trafficking crack cocaine, driving under suspension, habitual offender, manufacturing methamphetamine, resisting arrest

Denise Herlong Williams , 29, driving under the influence

Nakia Kente Gray , 30, probation violation

David Earl Locklear , 46, speeding, driving under suspension

Jermaine Javon Green , 24, criminal domestic violence

Thomas Reed Scott , 41, failure to yield, operating uninsured vehicle, driving under suspension, driving under the influence

Sarah Ann Steele , 52, two counts of unlawful use of telephone, disorderly conduct

Robert Arthur Wise , 50, no seat belt, speeding, driving under suspension

Michael Scott Weston , 38, speeding, driving under suspension, open container

Jerrey Thomas Gann , 48, public drunk

Angel Lanear Gaines , 37, failure to comply with public safety officer, trespassing

David Bernard Richardson , 20, disorderly conduct

May 14

Jonathan William Posey , 31, driving under suspension, failure to appear and pay

Amy Genelle Boyd , 32, unlawful use of telephone

Dale Wade Sweeney , 19, failure to appear and pay

Louette Belinda Dobey , 39, four counts of fraudulent check

Gerald Quattlebaum , 20, disorderly conduct

Samuel Raphael Bacote , 23, driving under suspension

Prentiss Jacobey Dobey , 26, use of vehicle without consent, disorderly conduct

Carrie Gainey , 25, possession of drug paraphernalia

Sammie Lee McKevie , 55, failure to appear and pay in family court

Ricky Merrill Reed , 26, contempt of family court

Shellah Shabazz Thompson , 25, probation violation

Ronnie Lee Brock , 20, first-degree burglary

Nathaniel Ronald Corley , 28, driving under suspension, failure to register motor vehicle

Joe Lark Williams Jr. , 28, simple assault and battery, malicious injury to personal property, loud music

Agneta Elaine Washington , 27, speeding, driving under suspension

Senica Jermaine Williams , 24, civil contempt order, criminal domestic violence

David Courtney Merrick , 42, shoplifting

Barron Wayne Koon Jr. , 32, fraudulent check

May 15

Hortio Triman Bynes , 41, shoplifting less than $1,000, reckless driving

Pablo Robert Fox , 22, no South Carolina driver's license

Felicia Nicole Meeds , 21, shoplifting

Adam Russell Young , 20, forgery, two counts of simple larceny

Norman Shannon Council , 47, possession of drug paraphernalia

Jamie Dewayne James , 17, simple possession of marijuana, seat belt violation, possession of drug paraphernalia, false information to public safety officer

Michael Andrew Guido , 18, simple possession of marijuana

Derek Devon Simpkins , 25, two counts of trespassing, possession of drug paraphernalia

Ronnie Lamarcus Wilder , 32, distributing cocaine, distributing cocaine

May 16

Kayla Dom Downing , 19, shoplifting

David Mark Kearse Jr. , 20, criminal domestic violence

Charles Everett Clay , 33, liquor violation, driving under suspension, speeding

Rhea Michelle Brooks , 49, disorderly conduct

Steven Carnelle Carroll , 34, driving under suspension

Joe Ann Chandler , 51, driving under the influence

Johnny Jones , 39, no seat belt violation, no South Carolina driver's license, driving under the influence

Michael Warren Forrest , 54, criminal domestic violence, failure to register, no proof of insurance

Lynette Alethea Simpkins , 46, criminal domestic violence

Steven Welsh Conder III , 36, improper lights, driving under the influence, open container, possession of controlled substance

Glenn Richard Holton II , 27, driving under the influence

Marvin Morgan Jr. , 27, simple possession of marijuana, violation of order of protection

William Cody Beard , 23, providing false information to public safety officer, driving under suspension

Rodney Dean Stevens , 40, criminal domestic violence

Angela Marie Toole , 30, driving under the influence, possession of controlled substance

Dalton Thorne Puckett , 17, disorderly conduct

From the Sunday, June 22, 2008 edition of the Augusta Chronicle


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