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Steven Uhles is the Entertaiment columnist for The Augusta Chronicle. Contact him at (706) 823-3626.

Latest Column

Time will tell if 'Avatar' is remembered as good
Web-posted 01/21/10
I was recently asked whether it was worth the extra money to see Avatar in IMAX and 3-D. My response -- it's not worth going to see any other way.

Previous Columns

Globes got big by being different
Web-posted 01/17/10
Unlike most of the hardware handed out during awards season, the Golden Globes, which will be aired at 8 tonight, are not voted on by industry professionals. Unlike the Academy Awards, they aren't voted on by a large membership. Instead, the annual precursor to the Oscars is voted on by the about 90 members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a nonprofit organization that uses the licensing fees garnered from the annual telecast to fund various entertainment-related charities.
Miss Kitty had a way of finding some creativity in her students
Web-posted 01/14/10
Kitty Lamb, the now retired educator who spent years corralling talent at John S. Davidson Fine Arts Magnet School and leading the chorus at the Augusta Opera, never demanded respect. I imagine it would seem, to her, unseemly and contrary to the creative process.
Pop Rocks
Web-posted 01/07/10
Things have been quiet in the Will McCranie camp. I was beginning to think all those entertainment options available in the Augusta-bred songwriter's new New York home had distracted him from the business of making music.
These 10 hold on in a disposable music culture
Web-posted 12/31/09
Our disposable culture has made 10 years an eternity in the music industry. We live in a download and discard world, a place in time where music has become so accessible that, unless it's something very special, it all becomes noise. Some acts with major label marketing might have managed to carve out careers with only a minimal measure of talent. Others have done it with talent.
Rockers put out good music in '09
Web-posted 12/24/09
This was the year rock returned. After more than a decade of decline, rock music started to re-establish itself in the marketplace.
Pop rocks
Web-posted 12/17/09
Happy anniversary. You (being Augusta and its environs) and I (being me) are celebrating 10 years together this week. Ten years ago this week I returned to Augusta to take what I assumed would be a temporary job as The Augusta Chronicle's arts and entertainment writer. Two years. Three tops.
Augusta's music scene is gradually transforming
Web-posted 12/10/09
Augusta is turning into the music town I always felt it could be. Fans are showing unprecedented support for local acts, and people are working (and playing) hard to ensure that promoters' gambles and the labors of Global Spectrum at Bell Auditorium and James Brown Arena are not in vain.
Pop Rocks
Web-posted 12/03/09
The previously announced Best of 12 Bands of Christmas CD features a banker's dozen (a baker's dozen is 13, a banker's is 20) tunes, culled from previous 12 Bands releases and augmented by two new songs.
Black Friday lets us observe as we wait
Web-posted 11/28/09
It had taken me 20 minutes, two stepped-on toes and numerous nudges from wayward carts to progress from the back of the line to the register.
Pop Rocks: Bar-B-Q Killers' movement afoot
Web-posted 11/26/09
I first saw the Bar-B-Q Killers in 1986 or '87. Laura Carter, the Athens, Ga.-based band's charismatic lead singer, was the friend of a friend and I was part of a posse put together to see what was then a new group. They were the first act on a three-band bill.
Metal for the masses?
Web-posted 11/19/09
Music from the fringes rarely migrates to the mainstream. With few exceptions, the heaviest metal and the angriest punk, the most discordant or dour or most original will never see the success of populist acts.
Pop rocks
Web-posted 11/12/09
Has there ever been a story of more woe than what will happen to Fort Discovery? The question is, what can go into a space split into galleries, equipped with a theater and designed for field trips that doesn't require a massive remodeling? Well, how about another museum? What about the Morris?

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